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Fayrouz is the natural and refreshing flavored malt beverage that brings you a fresh taste at the highest quality with its unique blend of natural fruit flavors and original malt. Fayrouz engages all one’s senses with its rich foam, golden color and fresh aroma that distinguishes Fayrouz from other ordinary soft drinks ensuring an exciting drinking experience.
Fayrouz was launched in Egypt in 1997, to be the first flavored malt beverage, leveraging the malt brewing process with the fruit flavors to bring an advantage over soft drinks. Successfully, Fayrouz expanded globally in 2005 to penetrate the malt beverage market in KSA, Morocco, Qatar, Nigeria, Turkey and Iran.


Starting with only its unique Apple flavor, Fayrouz brought to its consumers more and more unique choices of tasteful flavors including Pineapple, MangoPeach and mix of Apple Watermelon. Fayrouz has always been the pioneer in introducing new appealing and unique flavors that were not available in the market by competitors. They are packed in different ranges of packages satisfying all its consumers’ needs. 
Based on extensive research and profound insights on consumer needs and demands, in 2011 Fayrouz brought a new and enhanced recipe accompanied by a new, trendier and attractive packaging to enforce its leadership as the original, refreshing and innovative drink for young adults! 

Fayrouz is available in:

  • 330 ml cans
  • 250 ml slim can
  • 240 ml returnable glass bottles
  • 1 l PET bottles


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